I’m Locked Out of My House, What’s Next?

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I’m Locked Out of My House, What’s Next?

Are you locked out of your home? Chasing a rowdy pup out the back door and hearing the “click” of the latch. Forgetting to take the auto-lock off of the side door before going back out to the car to grab a forgotten bag of groceries. Running out the door for an important meeting and only realizing you’ve forgotten your keys after it’s too late to catch the front door before it closes.

So, you’re locked out. It happens more often than you’d think, and it happens to the best of us. That’s why so many of us give someone we trust a copy of our house key, hide a key somewhere on the property, or invest in home security systems that allow keyless entry. If you’re locked out without a spare key and can’t open the door, what can you do?


What can you do when you’re locked out of your home?

Look for another way in.

Check your doors and windows for easy access points like open windows and unlocked doors. Sometimes you, a roommate, or a family member might have left a window cracked or a side door unlocked. It’s also possible they hid an extra house key somewhere in case the same thing happened to them!


Does someone have a spare set of keys?

Speaking of roommates and family members, do you live with any or know someone who might have an extra key? Give them a call! Sure, it’s an inconvenience sometimes, but not nearly as much as being locked out of your home.


For renters: call your landlord or leasing office.

Are you renting your home? If so, contact your landlord or leasing agency. It’s good practice to keep a spare for rental properties, and they might be able to get you back inside faster than a roommate or friend.


If all else fails…lock picking might be an option.

You can try to break in, but be careful not to damage a window, door, or lock in the process. Calling a locksmith is probably more cost-efficient than replacing a window or locking mechanism. (Pro-tip: If you do successfully break in with a credit card or via a damaged lock, you should go ahead and replace the lock. A deadbolt can only do so much to protect against forced entry, and if you can break in, so can thieves!)

Of course, you can always call a locksmith!

Apart from calling a friend to bring you a spare key, a locksmith is probably the safest, most efficient solution. Give us a call at 336-687-7977 to have a fast, local locksmith on the scene ASAP!

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