6 Signs Your Home is Vulnerable to a Break-In

6 signs your house is vulnerable to a home break-in

6 Signs Your Home is Vulnerable to a Break-In

We don’t necessarily think about break-ins until they happen to someone we know or, unfortunately, until it happens to us. These are very scary, dangerous, and damaging situations, so now is the time to be thinking about the ways in which we could be vulnerable to home break-ins. 

Is your house vulnerable to a break-in? Here are some things you need to look out for:

Your House is Dark

If your outdoor lights aren’t working, or you don’t have outdoor lighting at all, your home is more likely to be targeted. Darkness is a criminal’s best friend, so don’t miss an opportunity to light up your property! If you’re not interested in lights that remain on, try motion-activated lights that switch on when someone comes close. It saves electricity and you’ll be alerted to movement outside your house.

Too Much Greenery

Trees and shrubs are perfect for privacy, but they also give potential thieves the ideal hiding spot. Be sure to trim greenery below window-height and keep it away from walls. A burglar is more likely to target a house that is not as well maintained, so the more spick and span your landscape is, the more likely you can avoid a break-in.

6 signs your house is vulnerable to a home break-in

That Apple Packaging in Your Garbage Can

Be mindful of what you have in your garbage can. A stack of electronics boxes is a dead giveaway of what you might have inside your house, so take the extra minute to break down your boxes. The less visible the label, the better shape you’ll be in.

Open Blinds

Obviously, burglars are interested in what you’ve got inside your house. If you leave your blinds open 24/7, it’s incredibly easy for them to scope out your belongings (and whether or not you’re home!). Remember to close your blinds when you’re not there and before you go to bed at night, if not earlier.

6 signs your house is vulnerable to a home break-in

Your Alarm System Isn’t Armed

Or you don’t have an alarm system at all. It’s more common than you might think – people having security systems but not properly using them. If you have one, make sure you don’t start to slip up and leave it unarmed when you leave the house.

Unlocked Doors and Open Windows

These are simple things that many people often overlook. If we’re comfortable in our homes, we think it’s unlikely for something bad to happen. And maybe you are in an area where crime isn’t a big problem.

Always remember to close your doors and windows at night/when you’re not home, and keep them locked (deadbolt included). Locks require maintenance, so make sure to check them regularly to see if they’re working properly. It never hurts to be prepared and safe rather than sorry.

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