When to Update Your Business Locks

When to Update Your Business Locks

Keeping your business secure is a serious matter. The most effective way to keep your business safe is to make sure that the keys to your doors are only in the hands of people who are supposed to have them. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible, even for the most astute business owner. There are many times during the life of your business when you’ll want to consider changing your locks.


Reasons to Update Your Business Locks

New buildings

If your business has recently moved into a new location then it may be time to change the locks on your new property. If you leave the original locks, you risk allowing previous occupants access to your new property. To avoid this, it might be necessary to replace the locks, even if a former owner or occupant claims that you have the only key to the current set of locks. In the end, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


In order for contractors to work on your building, you may need to hand over keys to the property, but once the work is done, you aren’t always guaranteed to get those keys back. After the job has been completed, you may want to consider changing your locks to avoid having missing keys that can still access your building. This isn’t to say that every contractor is untrustworthy, this is just a smart, precautionary step.


Your door locks are also a part of the overall appearance of your business property. A modern building with dated locks is bound to look a bit odd to customers (and more appealing to thieves). Along with the concern of misplaced or stolen keys during a renovation, you might want to update your locks to match the new look of your property. If you’ve got dated locks then changing your locks after renovating can effectively kill two birds with one stone.

Age and wear

Sometimes finding a reason to update your locks is rather simple: they’re just getting old and worn. Though locks are built to last, door locks are subject to wear and tear just like any other part of your property would be. Since the job of your locks is an important one, their condition shouldn’t be overlooked. You’ll want to replace old locks that have been weakened due to age, tampering, or even extreme weather conditions.

High employee turnover

If your business has a high employee turnover, you should change your locks regularly to avoid any mishaps. Even with the most diligent of management, keys are likely to get taken home or misplaced. Whenever you turn over a high number of employees, keeping track numerous keys gets increasingly difficult.  As a precautionary measure, changing your locks periodically can help keep your peace of mind.


Changing your locks isn’t always a necessity, but it can certainly help you avoid potential problems and is undeniably a smart preemptive move. If your business is moving to a new location or being renovated, then changing the locks should be a fairly high priority on your list.

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