Where to Hide a Spare Key (and Where You Shouldn’t!)

Bad Spare Key Hiding Places Under Welcome Mat

Where to Hide a Spare Key (and Where You Shouldn’t!)

Almost everyone has experienced the panic and frustration of losing a house key at some point. It’s convenient to hide a spare key somewhere on your property so you can unlock your front door, but it’s also risky. The more obvious hiding spots are like an invitation for burglars to break into your home, and it’s important to never hide your key in those spots. Below, we’ve listed some of the best (and worst!) places to hide a spare key.

The WORST Places to Hide a Spare Key

Bad Spare Key Hiding Places Under Welcome Mat
  • Under a welcome mat.
  • The most convenient place to hide a house key is also the most convenient for burglars.
  • Under a flowerpot.
  • After the welcome mat, flower pots are the most common place to look for a spare key.
  • In a fake rock that’s next to your front door or porch.
  • Has a fake rock ever fooled anyone? Placing it conspicuously near your front door is like having a neon sign pointing directly to your key.
  • Inside your wallet.
  • This might sound like a good idea, but what if you lose your wallet? Whoever picks it up will have your home address (from your driver’s license) and your house key in one convenient package.

If your spare house key is in any of these places, take a minute to go fetch it right now! Once you’ve secured your keys, check out some of the best places to hide your house keys below.

Good Spare Key Hiding Places Dog House

The Best Places to Hide a Spare Key

With a neighbor.
Choose a neighbor you can trust, and ask them if they’d be willing to keep a spare key on hand that you can access if you’re ever locked out of your house. Don’t forget to return the favor!

In a magnetic lockbox.
Small magnetic lockboxes and magnetic keys are designed to be attached to the underside of your car, so your spare key goes where you do.

Under or inside a dog house.
One of the best theft deterrents is owning a dog, no matter the shape or size. No burglar is going to approach a dog house willingly, so take advantage and use it as a hiding place.

Under a bird house.
If you have a bird house that sits on a post, you can easily lift it to reveal the perfect hiding spot for flat objects, such as a house key. Don’t disturb the birds!

Attached to a wind chime.
Staying quiet is a burglar’s first priority, so they’ll stay away from anything noisy. Taped, glued, or even tied, securing your spare key to a wind chime is a great way to make sure it stays hidden.

Locked Out of Your House?

It happens to everyone. Before you cause damage to your locks or home trying to get back inside, call a reliable locksmith instead.

At Discount Lock and Key, your security is our priority. We’re available to help you unlock your house or car in the Winston Salem area. We also offer key replacement services, and you’ll never have to worry about damaged locks. Contact us today for locksmith services: 336-687-7977.

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