5 Reasons to Call a Mobile Locksmith

5 reasons to call a mobile locksmith

5 Reasons to Call a Mobile Locksmith

You may think that the only time you need a locksmith is to get new locks or keys. However, there can be several reasons you’d need the services of a qualified professional locksmith. A mobile locksmith is especially convenient as mishaps often occur at inconvenient times and locations. 

Here are 5 reasons you might find yourself wondering “Is there a mobile locksmith near me?”


1. You’ve Lost Your Keys

One of the most common reasons to call a locksmith is that you’ve lost your keys. Or maybe you left them in the house and locked the door behind you. Leaving a spare key under the mat isn’t a good idea as burglars are well aware of this careless practice. You might be able to call a friend or family member who has spare keys. But what if your phone is also locked in the house? Or the person you’ve trusted with a spare key is far away? 

Calling a local locksmith is always an option when you’re locked out of your house.

2. You’ve Locked Yourself Out of Your Car

It’s an awful feeling when you realize that your car doors are locked and the keys are inside. What can you do? With today’s sophisticated locks and anti-theft systems, you don’t want to try solutions from a YouTube video (such as using a hanger to unlock the door). These solutions seem quick and easy, but in reality you can damage your car, leading to costly repairs. Your best (and most affordable) bet is to call a car locksmith. 

3. Your Key or Lock is Damaged

Sometimes keys and locks wear out or break. For example, your key may break off and get stuck in the lock. Older locks get rusted or damaged so the keys no longer open them. This can happen with any lock, whether at home, work, or your vehicle. Without the proper tools or expertise, you won’t be able to fix this problem yourself. Call a qualified locksmith who can replace the damaged lock and/or keys.

4. Transponder Key Malfunctions

Transponder keys are advanced computerized keys containing microchips. If you buy or rent a newer vehicle, you’ll most likely get a transponder rather than an old-style key. Transponders are also increasingly used for keyless entry to homes, businesses, garages, and security gates. 

Like all electronics, however, transponder keys don’t always work properly. Sometimes the signal between the transmitter and your car’s computer (or whatever system the transponder communicates with). In such cases, you need a locksmith to reprogram the transponder. 

5. You’ve Forgotten Your Combination

Combinations are no longer just for safes or lockers. People are now using them for keypads as an alternative to keys. Combination keypads are great — until you forget the combination. 

If you can’t remember the combination to your keypad, safe, or any type of combination lock, a mobile locksmith is your best solution. The locksmith will open and reprogram the lock. 


 Whether you need an automotive locksmith or a locksmith to help you get into your home or office, you might find yourself asking “where’s a mobile locksmith near me?” Discount Lock & Key is the Winston-Salem locksmith to call when you need reliable help fast! For more information, contact us.

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