This Pre-Moving Checklist Makes Moving Day a Breeze

moving day checklist

This Pre-Moving Checklist Makes Moving Day a Breeze

Moving is described by many people as one of life’s most stressful events, but it doesn’t have to be. Most of us tend to procrastinate and leave all preparations to the last minute, which can mean things slip through the cracks and don’t get done. Follow this easy pre-moving day checklist so you’re prepared for the big day!

Moving Day Preparation Checklist

6 Weeks Before

  • Take inventory of your home. Figure out what needs extra attention while you’re packing (like fragile items) and decide what packing supplies you’ll need.
  • Gather packing supplies, including boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and markers so you can label your stuff.
  • Decide if there’s anything you can do without or don’t want anymore, and consider hosting a yard sale!

1 Month Before

  • Notify organizations such as your utilities, post office, and healthcare providers of your upcoming change of address.
  • Schedule any moving services you’ll need, such as hiring movers or renting a truck.
  • Start packing! Begin with non-essential items such as books, decorative items, and clothing you aren’t using, such as seasonal clothing and formal wear. Don’t forget to label everything clearly!

2 Weeks Before

  • Plan your meals. Make sure you eat through any perishable foods first so you don’t have to throw them away. Use up condiments and other foods that would take up packing space.
  • Start measuring furniture to determine what will get through the door and what you might have to take apart.
  • Make arrangements for pets if you’re moving long distance. Keeping them out of the way during moving day will reduce stress for them AND you. Update their tags with your new address and phone number in case they get lost.
moving day planning checklist

1 Week Before

  • Prep your appliances if you’re taking them with you. Defrost your freezer and drain gas and oil from your grills and lawn equipment.
  • Prepare a box of essentials that can be unpacked easily. Include must-haves such as toiletries, medications, light bulbs, trash bags, and a small tool kit. Pack for travel if you’re moving long distance.
  • Schedule a locksmith to change the locks in your new home. You never know who has a copy of your house keys.

Moving Day!

  • Organize all your boxes in order of what goes into the truck first. Clear a path so loading and moving boxes and furniture is easy.
  • Do a final walkthrough of your house. Check closets, cabinets, and drawers for anything you might have forgotten.
  • Leave a box of cleaning supplies as well as a broom and trash bags for last, so they’ll be the first thing you pull off the truck at your new home. Pack them into a trash can for easy transport!

With careful planning and prepping ahead of time, you’ll give yourself more time to be excited about your move. Good luck!

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