Master Your Move with this Simple Moving In Checklist

Master Your Move with this Simple Moving In Checklist

Moving can feel overwhelming, especially when you start to consider everything you’ll need to do. Don’t panic. Starting with a moving in list is a great way to break it down and prioritize. And it always feels great to cross things off a list, right?

Updating Your Address

Let’s start with the easy stuff. You’re going to need to update your address in various places, but there are a few you’ll want to check off first on your moving in list:

  • Update your mailing address with the post office
  • Update your driver’s license
  • Update your voter registration
  • Update your info with any employers who may need to send you a W2

These and other address changes can be done online quickly and easily!

Organize Your Move

Moving on to something a bit more involved but still manageable, next you’ll want to start organizing your move:

  • Create a timeline and request time off from work (if needed)
  • Hire a moving service or enlist the help of friends
  • Rent a moving van
  • Consider purchasing mover’s insurance
  • Gather moving materials, such as boxes and other packing supplies

Utilities and Other Important Services

Still in the planning stage, next you’ll want to focus on some more fundamental issues:

  • Plan when to connect your utilities
  • Pay any deposits
  • Purchase homeowners insurance or renters insurance

Be sure to organize any documentation–whether in hard copy or digitally–so you can access them easily throughout your move.


For many, this is the most daunting task of the moving in process. However, it’s much easier with some planning–and the proper moving in checklist. Pack one room at a time, preferably starting with the rooms you don’t use as often, and for each room:

  • Make an inventory or packing list
  • Separate what you want to sell, donate, and trash
  • Pack and label your boxes

See? Seems easier already.

Bonus tip: Clean each room after you’ve packed it. It’ll be easier than cleaning every room later on.

Last but not least: Call a Locksmith!

There are plenty of reasons to rekey or replace your home locks so you can feel safe in your new home. You might also consider upgrading your doors or installing a full security system. Calling a professional locksmith will ensure you get the job done right the first time.

If you’re looking to change your locks in Winston-Salem, NC, Discount Lock & Key has you covered with fast and affordable locksmith services!

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