Why a Locksmith is a Real Estate Agent’s Best Friend

Locksmith and Real Estate Agent Relationship Front Door Unlocked

Why a Locksmith is a Real Estate Agent’s Best Friend

You work on your own schedule, realtors. Maybe you see your boss once or twice a week, you’re always dressed to impress, and your paycheck depends on your work ethic. You’ve got your life together, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t bumps in the road. Forgetful owners, no-show buyers, broken keys, and broken locks; these aren’t your mistakes but your business still takes the fault. This is why it’s so important for you to foster a good working relationship with a local and mobile, Winston Salem locksmith at Discount Lock & Key.

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  1. You’re locked out of the listing.

Has a seller ever let you down after assuring they would “leave the key under the doormat,” then you find there isn’t a key, or even a doormat? How many times have you confidently opened the lockbox to find nothing but disappointment? Suddenly your favorite superhero is a friendly and helpful locksmith. We offer key replacement, key duplication, or we can simply unlock the house.

  1. You need a solution – fast!

You get to a listing and you can’t get into the house. If you don’t find a way in before the potential buyer arrives, you look unprofessional and unprepared. This can harm your business today and in the long run. Just imagine the online reviews! Luckily, Discount Lock & Key is centrally located which could allow our locksmiths to get there before the potential buyer does.

  1. The locks need to be changed.

If your company rents, you may need to change the property’s locks somewhat frequently. If you have a good relationship with a locksmith, you know it will be done quickly and professionally. We also offer residential lock installation and lock changes, depending on your needs.

Locksmith and Real Estate Agent Relationship
  1. Building loyalty, trust, and fairness makes work easier.

In a quality relationship, you both know each other’s capabilities and limitations. You know how long it will actually take your trusty locksmith to make it to your location. You know what they can do and they know what you expect of them. Three key features (pun most certainly intended) result from this sort of affiliation: loyalty, trust, and fairness. Who knows? Maybe your locksmith is looking to sell their home eventually.

  1. You made a mistake.

You’re busy and distracted and you… locked your keys in the car. Oops! Now you have to call your client because you’re taking a taxi and you’ll be late. Unless you have a handy Winston Salem locksmith on call! Don’t let a little mistake like that harm your business. We offer car key replacement, chip key duplication, and a variety of other solutions to keep you on the road to your next showing.

Locksmith and Real Estate Agent Relationship

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