5 Tips to Make Sure You’re Never Locked Out of Your Car Again

locked out of your car

5 Tips to Make Sure You’re Never Locked Out of Your Car Again

Are you worried about being locked out of your car? We’ve all done it before, but that doesn’t make it less frustrating. Whether you’re in a hurry to get to work, or stranded in a parking lot far from home, being locked out of your car can ruin your day.

By taking steps to always remember your keys, and having a backup plan for lost or broken keys, you can reduce your frustration and get back in your car and on the road sooner.

Make checking for your keys a habit

Any time you get out of your car, try to follow the same routine. Do you usually toss your car keys on the passenger seat until you’re ready to grab them? Make a point of putting them in your pocket, or purse, instead or hold them in your hand until you’re ready to lock your car. Eventually, your routine will develop into a habit and you’ll notice the difference if you aren’t carrying your keys when you exit your car.

locked out of your car

Make your keys hard to miss

Having a plain car key on a ring can be easy to overlook. Try attaching a brightly colored lanyard or keychain to your car key to help you keep track of it. The added weight will act as an additional reminder – if your purse or pocket feels too light, you’ll know you’ve left something important behind!

Always use the fob

Some cars will auto-lock after a car has been parked for long enough, but try making an effort to always lock the car yourself using the electronic fob. By always locking the car yourself using the car key fob, you’ll be more likely to make sure you have the key in hand when you leave the car.

Keep a spare key

Losing your car key or locking it in your car isn’t as big of a deal if you have a spare one handy. Have a duplicate key made and keep it somewhere you’ll remember, such as at home or in your wallet or purse. This way you’ll never be completely locked out of your car.

Have an automotive locksmith’s number handy

If you do accidentally lock yourself out of your car, or your car key becomes lost or broken, help is only a phone call away. Keep a licensed automotive locksmith’s number programmed into your phone or written down and stored in your wallet.

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