What to Do If You Locked Your Keys in the Trunk of Your Car

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What to Do If You Locked Your Keys in the Trunk of Your Car

Ever tossed your keys in the trunk with your shopping bags only to realize it after you’ve closed the trunk? Or accidentally let the trunk fall closed before you could snag your keys? Fret not, as long as you can get into the cab of your car, you might be able to get your keys without calling a locksmith. Here are three things to try before calling Discount Lock & Key.

Three things to try before you call a locksmith.

Trunk release

If you’ve locked the keys in the trunk but left the cabin unlocked, you may be in luck. Many cars have a feature that releases the trunk from inside the car. Check along the edge of your driver’s side floorboards or on the dash to see if your car has a button or lever that pops the trunk.

Fold your back seats

A lot of people don’t even realize their car has foldable back seats until they’ve locked their keys in the trunk. Check along the back edge of your seats and see if there are any buttons, levers, or handles that release the back seat. Even if your side seats won’t fold, check the center panel. The center panel may fold forward and give you access to the trunk.

Spare keys

If you don’t have a trunk release or foldable back seats, try to locate your spare keys. Call a friend or family member who can bring them to you. If your home keys are locked in the trunk with your car keys or you aren’t sure if you have a spare, it may be time to call a locksmith.

Call a locksmith

If you’ve exhausted all of your options, it’s time to call a professional who can quickly, safely, and affordably get you back in your car and on the road. Discount Lock & Key can come right out to you, wherever you are in the Winston-Salem area.

Call Discount Lock & Key or check out our pricing today!

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