How to Keep Your Kids From Losing Their House Keys

kids losing house keys

How to Keep Your Kids From Losing Their House Keys

With kids heading back to school to start the new year, many parents are considering the possibility of giving their kids their first house key. This is a huge milestone for your kids, but it’s important that they keep track of them and understand the risks of losing their keys.

There are plenty of tricks and tips to help prevent your kid from losing his or her house keys. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Find a fun keychain that your child will remember!
  • Keychains with a little extra weight or size will serve as a subtle reminder that something might be missing from their bags.
  • Install a key hook at home so your kids always have a place to put their keys when they aren’t using them.
  • Many backpacks have internal hooks that can be used to hold keychains. Retractable keychains mean your child won’t have to spend time removing the key to unlock a door in the afternoons.
lost house key
kids lost house keys
  • Lanyard keychains keep the keys around your child’s neck so they’re less likely to lose track.
  • If your child has a habit of losing his or her keys, try hiding a spare key at home instead. Fake rocks and keys under the welcome mat are easily discoverable by anyone, so get creative instead and make sure your child knows where to look.

Lost keys do happen from time to time, so it’s just as important to plan ahead rather than hoping for the best. Talk with your child about a “backup plan” that lets them know where to go if they can’t get into the house. The plan can be going to a neighbor’s house, calling a family member or friend, or even directions to go to a nearby library or coffee shop to do homework until you get home. This way, your child won’t panic when they’re locked out, and you’ll know exactly where to look if they aren’t home.

If your house key does become lost, it’s important to change your locks to prevent the possibility of someone finding the key and using it to enter your home. Discount Lock and Key provides home lock repair and lost key replacement in Winston Salem.

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