How Can a Keysmith Help You?

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How Can a Keysmith Help You?

When it comes to locksmith terminology, you might not hear the term ‘keysmith’ as often as you would locksmith. The two definitions are very similar – the main difference is that a keysmith has the ability to make a key, while a locksmith can unlock your car. So, how can these services end up benefiting you, in a bind?

At Discount Lock and Key, we offer both locksmith and keysmith services, but there are a couple of distinctions to keep in mind between the two. For more information about the difference between a keysmith for cars, and locksmith, keep reading.

The Additional Auto Locksmith Service

Sometimes it takes more than just a locksmith to complete the job – that’s why hiring someone trained as a keysmith is such a great additional service. Keysmiths have the ability to make a key for your car, or home, so you can access your space with ease. Rather than worry about getting locked out, without a backup key, a keysmith can duplicate vehicle keys and home keys, so you’re always carrying a set of backup keys wherever you go. It’s a nice touch that we don’t always think of, but can definitely help when you’re locked out of your car. For more helpful locksmith tips, learn about the 4 Perks of Calling an Automotive Locksmith.


Benefits of Keysmithing

Many automotive locksmiths are trained to unlock your car, but having the additional keysmith background, means they can open more than just your car door. The ability to make keys for your home or office is an added perk, just in case the unexpected happens while you’re out. While these additional key smithing services vary depending on the local locksmith, many locksmiths are trained in this field, or have staff members who can make duplicate keys for you.

Key smiths, who are also automotive locksmiths, have specialized training to make, cut, and create new keys for you. When you get locked out of your car or home, perhaps its because you can’t find your keys. When that happens, it’s quite possible you’ve lost the whole set, and you’ll need help with more than just your car keys. A keysmith can make the keys you need, while a locksmith can handle the door lock on your car or home. Having the ability to do both is a great asset when you’re in a bind.


Ultimately, Does A Keysmith Help Your Car?

An ordinary key smith can duplicate a key and craft exactly what you need in a cinch. But, they can’t always unlock the doors you need. A car locksmith, with keysmith training, combines the best of both worlds – you can get your car unlocked, and key made, in a no time.

Instead of sitting outside of your car or home in the cold, you’ll be able to get back to what matters most, sooner rather than later. All it takes is the right special equipment and a reliable mobile locksmith.


Whether you’re in need of a duplicate key, looking for assistance if you’re locked out of your car, or need to replace a broken key, Discount Lock and Key is the reliable automotive locksmith you need. Opening a locked car or house door is never a problem, with our variety of locksmith services.

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