8 Ways to Make Your Home More Secure Against Intruders


8 Ways to Make Your Home More Secure Against Intruders

When you think of home, you feel safe. It’s the place you and your family spend precious time together, where you go when you want peace. Don’t let a home intruder ruin your sanctuary.  You need the peace of mind knowing your home is as safe as it can be.

Unfortunately, there’s no foolproof way to guarantee your home won’t be broken into. But there are still steps you can take to reduce your risk and protect yourself and your family.

8 ways you can make your home more secure against intruders:


1. Lock your doors and windows

This should be a no-brainer. If you don’t lock your doors and windows, you need to start doing so immediately. No robber wants to draw extra attention to themselves. The added noise and effort of having to break down a door or smash a window can deter a home intruder.

2. Replace any loose or broken locks

Locking your door means nothing if your locks aren’t secure! Be sure to tighten any loose screws. If you’re not sure how to repair your doorknob or locks, call a locksmith. You don’t want to inflict any added damage making your home less secure.

3. Install multiple locks on your door

It’s easier to force open a door with only one lock. Consider installing a deadbolt and a bar latch for an added level of security beyond your simple door knob lock.


4. Get to know your neighbors

If your neighbors know your face and your habits, they’ll notice when something out of the ordinary happens. If you have a neighbor who is home during the hours when you’re not, it’s worth befriending them! Someone you’re friendly with is much more likely to call the police when they see something suspicious.

5. Install motion sensing lights outside

Motion sensing lights are a simple way to immediately tell if something suspicious is going on outside your house. Especially if you have a larger property with a yard, installing bright, motion sensing floodlights will immediately alert you to anything large moving around outside at night. And even when you’re not home, the sudden bright flash of light alone can be enough to scare off an intruder.

6. Pretend you’re home when you’re not

Most burglaries occur when no one is home. Criminals look for opportunities. It’s obviously easier to break into an unoccupied home. You can ward off a lot of trouble by making it appear as if you are home. If you’re going away overnight, you’ll want to make your home look occupied for the duration of the night. And the longer you’re away, the more precautions you should take. For instance, if your family has multiple cars, leave one in the driveway.

Consider leaving the lights on in one of your front rooms.

And hey, did you know they make a battery-powered device that makes it look like your TV is on while you’re away? Check it out! 


7. Adopt a dog

Man’s best friend can be a big, fluffy security system! Even a small dog with a loud bark can make an intruder think twice about breaking into a home. But don’t just get a dog for your safety. Make sure you can handle the responsibility of caring for your dog properly. Also, large dog doors can be a security risk. Make sure you block them off if you and your dog are away from the house!


8. Invest in a security system

If you’re seriously worried about the safety of your home, it’s worthwhile to invest in a home security system. There are different levels of security, from constant camera surveillance of your home to a simple alarm system. Do your research and find a system that works well for your lifestyle.

Discount Lock and Key will help you with home security in any way we can. Call us at 336-687-7977. We’re a Winston Salem mobile locksmith providing services like lock changes, repairs, and installations to make you and your family safer from intruders.

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