How Can I Have My Car Key Replaced?

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How Can I Have My Car Key Replaced?

Have you ever experienced the following in a pinch?

  • Your car’s key fob suddenly stopped working.
  • Your car key snapped in half.
  • Your key fob cracked.

Or maybe you simply lost your car key and can’t get to the spare? Fret not, an auto locksmith should have no trouble replacing your key. Just make sure you call a local locksmith! There’s no need to tow your vehicle back to the dealer to (over)pay for a replacement. A local locksmith who offers car key replacement (like Discount Lock and Key) is more likely to offer mobile services than a dealership and will come directly to you, so you can get back on the road without added stress.

Bonus: Working with a locksmith is likely save you time and money. Check out Discount Lock and Key’s pricing page.

What if my key has a chip?

Most locksmiths, like Discount Lock and Key, have more experience programming chip car keys than the typical dealership. Replacing a key with a chip requires more technical work, but a reputable locksmith shouldn’t have any trouble equipping you with a new key, even if it has a chip.

How will my car key be replaced?

Depending on the make, model, and age of your car, your locksmith will use your vin number to verify the vehicles information and determine whether or not your key needs to be digitally programmed. The process of replacing a standard car key, particularly those on older models, is similar to replacing a house key. It’s just a matter of ensuring your key fits the lock and ignition appropriately. A good locksmith will be able to use special equipment to program your electronic key or a key with a chip specifically to your vehicle.  

Will I have to take my car to an auto locksmith or a dealer?

No, and you shouldn’t! An experienced locksmith will be able to offer you mobile services and meet you wherever you are. Losing a key or finding out it’s broken is stressful enough without having to deal with having your car towed to another location before you get a replacement key. Make your car key replacement process as simple as possible by calling a local locksmith who can come to you and replace your key. With mobile services, you can be back on the road with a new key before you’d have just arrived at a dealer or auto shop. Mobile key replacements save you time, money, and hassle.  

Spare your wallet and your peace of mind by reaching out to a local locksmith who gladly offers mobile car key replacement, like Discount Lock and Key. On top of providing friendly, reputable services, we’ll ensure you’re pleased with the cost of service. If you’re able to find a more affordable service in the Triad area, we’ll match that price!

Call Discount Lock and Key at 336-687-7977 to replace your car key.

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