How Do Smart Keys Work?

how do smart keys work?

How Do Smart Keys Work?

With so many ‘smart’ devices becoming a common part of our lives, it’s no surprise that the smart car key is one of them. Many newer cars have hidden or even ditched the traditional metal key completely in favor of this new technology. The transition might be tricky for some, but there are plenty of advantages to having a smart key over a traditional car key!

How do smart keys work?

In order for the smart key to communicate with the matching vehicle, the key sends radio waves to the vehicle so that the two are synchronized and able to work in unison. After you get into the car, there is no need to enter your smart key into the ignition. Instead there will be a start button that you’ll need to press, which will ultimately start the car at your convenience. 

Smart Key Settings

Depending on the vehicle, some smart keys are able to recognize seat, steering wheel, or mirror preferences based on who’s driving. Imagine never having to adjust the seat to find the right spot after someone else drives your car!

Smart Key Security

Anytime radio waves or computers are involved, the question of security comes up. To make up for these security concerns, your smart key sends out a different frequency signal to your car every time the key is used. This keeps the key and the vehicle in unison as a computer chip is placed in the car itself. 

What if my smart key stops working?

As convenient and simple as the smart key is, it can be easy to forget that you gave the key to someone else, which will make getting anywhere a tough task. Along with that, for some cars with certain settings, the key batter can run out and getting into the car will be a hassle. That is why most smart keys have a small metal key inside the fob that you’ll be able to unlock your car with. 

Growing technology and innovation means greater convenience for everyone. Smart keys are a perfect example of a helpful tool that can make your life a little bit easier. 

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