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Here at Discount Lock & Key, we believe there's nothing more important than your safety and security.

Whether you need a door lock changed because you moved into a new home, or you need to evict a tenant and need your lock rekeyed, we can help right away. Our goal is to keep you and your property safe by quickly and discreetly servicing your lock change requests. That's why we make ourselves available to help with all your lock re-key needs, day or night. We are your local, Winston Salem locksmith experts in door lock changes for commercial and residential needs. We also offer free security consultations with no-obligation pricing.

No problem! We typically help our customers with lock change services within 24 hours, but we can often provide same day service in emergencies. Whether you’re just moving into a new house, removing someone from your home, or need a rental property rekeyed, we can offer immediate, quality lock change service in Winston Salem.

We specialize in commercial lock repair and business lock changes. We can handle all commercial lock change or master-key service jobs. Whether you’re adjusting staff, need a simple lock repair, or want to set up a single or multi-key system, we are your professional key service provider. So when you need reliable and quality business lock changes, you know who to call for quick, high quality, commercial key services.

Rekeying locks refers to changing a lock, allowing a different key to operate it. Anytime you remove an occupant from your property, who at some point possessed the key to your home or building, it’s best to rekey the locks. That way, they can no longer access your home or office, allowing you to maintain your security. When you rekey door locks, the old key will never work in that lock again.

When you need to change the key for your property for security purposes, you have two options. You can go the more expensive, and often more difficult route of buying all new locks or padlocks and installing them yourself. Or you can save time and money by simply calling the rekey experts here at Discount Lock & Key of Winston Salem.

Here’s how it works: We come out to your home or business and set the pins inside your existing lock to a new combination. Doing this deletes the old key and allows you to actually use a new key, which no one else will have. This new key is the only key that will open your doors and it works on every type of lock regardless of the age or brand.

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Instead of purchasing all new locks and taking the entire day to install them, give us a call for a quick, and more affordable alternative.

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Rick B.

“Discount Lock & Key are GREAT! I just opened a new location for my business and needed to get my office re-keyed. I expected to wait until after a holiday weekend for service, but they were out within an hour and did an exceptional job! I highly recommend them!”

Jacqueline B.

“Prompt service and wonderful attitude. We appreciate the quality of service he provided.”

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