How to Not Lose Your Keys While Running

How to Not Lose Your Keys While Running

How can I keep my keys safe while I’m running?

Carrying your car or house keys, phone, and a bottle of water while running is a necessary evil for most runners. You don’t want them bouncing, rattling, and flopping around during your run, but you also want to keep your car and personal items safe while you’re gone. Carrying your car keys is a hassle you simply don’t want to have to worry about the entire time. There are many ways to easily hold onto your keys without causing a headache for you and interrupting your exercise routine.

  • Water bottle pouches: Staying hydrated is also important when running, so get a small water bottle that has a small pocket for your key. That way you can accomplish twice as much!
  • Utilize the clothes you’re already wearing: A single car key can be secured to your shoe with your shoelaces or to the tie string on your athletic shorts. There are also many sports bras, armbands, running belts, and running shorts that are made with built-in pockets to protect your keys while you exercise. Look particularly for a sports bra with a zip pocket or pants with zippered pockets to have extra security and less opportunity for your key to slip out while moving.
  • Repurpose hair ties: Hair ties can be used in various ways to hold onto your keys while running.
    • When putting your hair up in a ponytail to get ready for your run, slide your key to the middle of the tie to know your key will be there until you take your hair down.
    • Tie them to your wrist using a hair tie, even one that has been broken can be reused as a key-holding wristband
  • Use diaper safety pins: Diaper safety pins are made to keep from poking the wearer while staying securely locked. Using these particular safety pins to pin your key to your shorts or shirt can keep your keys and peace of mind safe, so you can focus on your run.
  • Take advantage of your technology: If you are running with an iPod or cell phone, take advantage of their storage cases. Placing your keys either behind your iPod in your armband or behind your cell phone in its phone case can be an easy and quick way to protect your key.

By using one of these easy and quick solutions when carrying keys while running you can make your exercise that much more a time of stress relief during your day! No matter how careful you are, accidents happen, and you might lose your key.

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